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Don't miss out - have your say on the NHS Pay Proposal

03 May 2018

Have you voted on the NHS pay proposal yet?

SECAmb UNISON Branch are keen for all our members to be informed on the pros and cons of the pay proposal, and then use their vote to have their say.

1. Get informed on the latest pay proposal news by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions (with special ambulance staff questions) at

2. You will have received an email from "Sara at UNISON" titled "Have your say on NHS pay" - it contains your ballot link so that you can vote on the pay proposal. Please use it after you have ensured you know what you are voting on and how it affects you and your SECAmb colleagues. See

3. If you want more information before you vote, or you haven't received a vote email, please phone, tweet or email me (see below). If UNISON don't have an email address for you, you'll get your ballot paper by post. Voting ends 5 June.

4. If you know someone in SECAmb who is not a trade union member, please tell them they will not get a vote unless they join a union. Please point out to them that if they join UNISON before May pay day (24 May) they can get a vote. Join here -

NHS Pay Proposal March 2018 briefing from SECAmb UNISON Branch

28 March 2018

Short story

The Pay proposal ...

1) is not what any of the unions asked for, and it's very complicated

2) covers this year and the next 2 years and is a minimum of -

 - 3% from April 2018
 - 1.7% from April 2019 plus 1.1% lump sum
 - 1.7% from April 2020

3) has pay increases below inflation rate for some staff

4) has pay increases that are better for staff not at the top of their pay Band

5) includes big changes to how Unsocial Hours payments are made to ambulance staff, and big changes to sick pay which will could affect pension payments

6) includes big changes to pay increments up the Bands

7) if agreed by staff, starts from 1 April 2018 and would be backdated to that date if agreed by the all-member vote

8) does not mention the additional wage of Advanced Technicians over Band 4 in SECAmb as this is a local agreement – there is no expectation of any change to this additional amount

Expanded information on each numbered point -

1. Unions wanted a 1 year pay deal which was to be an increase equivalent to the Retail Price Index inflation rate (RPI) which was 3.6% in March 2018, plus £800.

2. All calculations shown in the pay calculator include increments which distort the apparent pay increases. The minimum wage increase is equivalent to 6.5% over 3 years plus a 1.1% lump sum paid next year.

3. The 2018 RPI inflation rate is 3.6% but the minimum wage increase proposed is 3.1% this year. At 9.6% the best forecasts for the next 3 years' RPI inflation are above the the minimum proposed wage. i.e. The proposals mean a net wage cut for some staff. This net wage cut is additional to the 14%+ net wage cut since 2010.

4. See 2. Above

5. Existing ambulance staff will have the individual option to move to a different way of being paid for unsocial hours worked. They can switch to being paid like nurses who are currently on Section 2 of Agenda for Change. Our present arrangement for Unsocial Hours gets a %age payment on the whole of our earned wages, with a maximum of 25%. Moving to Section 2 will mean monthly variations to wages, and up to 25% loss of sick pay compared with the present Annex 5 system. Staff changing role by promotion or otherwise would have to switch to Section 2 payment, as will all new staff recruits. Any reduction of sick pay could affect pension payments too.

6. See 2. above

Additionally, the time taken to reach the top of each Band will be reduced -
- Band 2 - 2 years
- Band 3 - 2 years
- Band 4 - 3 years
- Band 5 - 4 years
- Bands 6 and above - 5 years

Download/Print the PDF ⇒

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