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Independent report by Prof Lewis on Bulling and Harassment in SECAmb
07 August 2017
After months of investigation, this report was published on 4 August 2017. You can read it here -
Media reaction was, predictably perhaps, centred on the sexual aspects, but Unison Rep Nigel Sweet used TV and radio interviews to focus on how SECAmb unions, management and staff must work together to change the culture in our Trust. Cases of bullying and harassment must be investigated and, where proved, dealt with appropriately. But just as important, we must work rapidly towards a future workplace that's a happy and productive place to be. 
Look out for action starting in August.
You can hear Nigel's most recent interview and Chief Exec Daren Mockrie on BBC Radio Kent here from 2hrs 10 mins in (available until 3 Sept 2017) -

2017 Emergency Services Show HALL 5 | NEC | BIRMINGHAM | 20 - 21 SEPTEMBER 2017

27 July 2017

UNISON West Midlands region will have a stall and we are doing a presentation on health and wellbeing on Thursday 21 September. Please can you let members know. This is normally very popular with student members and could be useful in student paramedic recruitment. Plus it’s a free event. Use #ESS2017 @emergencyukshow for social media

Peter Steventon
Branch Secretary

2017 Ambulance LGBT Network Conference on 4 Aug 2017

27 July 2017

UNISON is sponsoring the 2017 Ambulance LGBT Network Conference on 4 Aug 2017. There is still time to register to attend this free event.

Please spread the word and encourage any members attending to visit the UNISON stall on the day.

To find out more about UNISON’s work for LGBT equality, visit out or email .

Peter Steventon
Branch Secretary

27 July 2017

I am delighted to tell you that UNISON Legal Services has been successful in its challenge to Employment Tribunal Fees. Today, the Supreme Court, the UK'S highest court, ruled that the Government acted unlawfully when it introduced fees to bring claims in the Employment Tribunals in England, Scotland and Wales. Since 2013, workers have had to pay as much as £1,200 plus to have claims for sex discrimination or unfair dismissal heard at Tribunal.

I am so very proud that it is our union which has successfully challenged this great injustice. As the Supreme Court has said Employment Tribunals play a vital role in enforcing employment rights by employees and workers including the low paid. The Court found that UNISON's evidence showed that the fall in claims when fees came in was 'so sharp, so substantial and so sustained' that fees could not reasonably be afforded by those on low to middle incomes. It also held that fees particularly deterred claims of low value which as we know are generally brought by the most vulnerable workers.

This historic judgement makes heavy criticism of the Government's actions. It found that the system of fees introduced in 2013 infringed constitutional rights. The Court said that citizens' right of access to the courts which is guaranteed by Magna Carta was effectively prevented by the Fees Order which introduced fees in Employment Tribunals. The level at which the fees had been set contravened 'elementary economics and plain common sense'.

This decision in our union's case will benefit all working people.

Our next steps are to call for the Government to

- quash the rules relating to fees,
- reimburse all fees paid since 2013,
- immediately remove all references to fees on ET claim forms and government literature, websites and advice; and
- pay UNISON's costs in full.

I would like to thank all members of UNISON Legal Services who have worked tirelessly on this case but particular mention should be made of Adam Creme, Shantha David, Ben Patrick, Kate Osborne and Grant Haycock and to Bronwyn McKenna, AGS, who has worked with me on this.

Dave Prentis

NHS in Hastings and Rye
19 June 2017

Health Minister Jeremy Hunt is about to sign-off secret plans to force changes to local NHS services. And it’s all just to cut costs. The plans could mean cuts to hospital beds, making waiting times longer, and cutting NHS staff. [1]
The plans - called a "capped expenditure process" - are being finished right now and Hastings and Rye is in the shortlist of areas which could get the first round of cuts. [2] Because the plans are secret, it's hard to say exactly which services near you could be at risk. But the scale of the threat is clear - NHS bosses have been told to 'think the unthinkable' for these plans. [3] No wonder Jeremy Hunt doesn't want us to see them!

The best way to stop these cuts is to get them out in the open and demand that our NHS is funded properly. So please can you sign the petition now, demanding that Jeremy Hunt publishes these plans for local NHS cuts? It only takes 30 seconds to add your name:

If you’re thinking this all sounds a bit familiar, you’d be right. Together, we’ve exposed Jeremy Hunt’s secret plans before. Last summer, thousands of us chipped in to investigate the first round of secret NHS cuts called "sustainability and transformation plans". [4] We made headlines, from BBC News, to the front page of the Guardian. Our people-powered research was even quoted in Parliament as MP after MP said how shocked they were about the plans. [5]
Now the threat has grown, it needs more of us to get involved. NHS bosses are being forced to think about closing services like A&Es and maternity units, and stopping funding for treatments like IVF, all because of concerns about not having enough money. [6] This could change the NHS as we know it.
If we're going to stop these cuts, it’s going to take all of us to force them into the spotlight. None of us could have exposed Jeremy Hunt's first round of secret cuts plans on our own. But that's what's special about 38 Degrees. Hundreds of thousands of us club together to sign petitions, chip-in for investigations and tell our MPs what we care about. And it works.
Some doctors and nurses are already speaking out. [7] Will you join them and sign the petition to reveal the plans and prove our NHS needs more funding, not cuts?

Thanks for being involved,
38 Degrees team

There's nothing wrong with drawing up plans to change our NHS if they're going to make it better for patients and be funded properly. But that's not going to happen if they're drawn up in secret to cut costs and cut services.
We all need the NHS at the best and the worst times of our lives - the maternity ward, the operating theatre, the doctor’s surgery. If enough of us get involved, we can turn this threat into an opportunity to speak up for the NHS we want to see in the future.
The first step is by adding your name to the petition now.

[1] Health Service Journal (behind a paywall): Exclusive: New national savings drive will 'challenge the values' of NHS leaders:
The Mirror: NHS chiefs are told to secretly draw up more cuts - with wards, A&Es and funding of IVF at risk of being scrapped:
[2] The first 14 regions in England forced to make these plans are: Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset; Cambridgeshire and Peterborough; Cheshire (Eastern, Vale Royal and South); Cornwall; Devon; Morecambe Bay; Northumbria; North Central London; North Lincolnshire; North West London; South East London; Staffordshire; Surrey and Sussex; Vale of York and Scarborough and Ryedale.
The Independent:
[3] ITV News: Parts of the NHS considering "savage" cuts:
[4, 5] 38 Degrees blog: The 38 Degrees crowdfunded investigation into secret NHS plans:
38 Degrees blog: Investigating secret plans for NHS cuts:
[6] The Mirror: NHS chiefs are told to secretly draw up more cuts - with wards, A&Es and funding of IVF at risk of being scrapped:
BBC News: Is NHS rationing a possibility?:
[7] One NHS boss told Health Service Journal that some of the options being considered would "challenge the value base" of the NHS. Jeremy Hunt and NHS England wanted these plans to stay secret for now, but NHS bosses are so worried they've spoken out.
Health Service Journal (behind a paywall): Exclusive: New national savings drive will 'challenge the values' of NHS leaders:

HQ Move relocation/redundancy update
09 March 2017
Important development for staff asked to relocate to new Crawley HQ/EOC
Following ongoing work by your UNISON branch representatives and legal advice, some important clarification has been achieved for staff affected by posts moving to the new Crawley HQ/EOC from the 3 centres at Lewes, Banstead and Coxheath.
An earlier email communication from SECAmb management to affected staff omitted circumstances where a staff member might achieve relocation redundancy when they cannot reasonably be expected to move their place of work to Crawley.
The revised SECAmb "HR Terms & Conditions – Key Facts " statement is -
1. Will staff who don't want to move to Crawley get redundancy?
No, if your role is relocating to Crawley then you are expected to move.
Otherwise the Trust will accept this as a resignation.
However there maybe individual circumstances where there is a case for the Trust to consider relocation redundancy on an individual basis and would urge staff to contact either Lyande Kaikai or Carol Lenz to discuss this further in a 121 meeting.
UNISON Branch Secretary Pete Steventon has been leading the work to clarify the possibility for relocation redundancy and he highlighted what staff potentially affected have to urgently do, "You must make it clear at a one to one meeting with SECAmb management that you may want to claim relocation redundancy due to your personal circumstances and the move of workplace. Please do also let us at UNISON know ASAP as well so that we can advise and facilitate your case."
Peter Steventon
UNISON Branch Secretary
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