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Our contracts for our occupational health (OH) service with Team Prevent and employee assistance programme with Care First ended on 31 March 2017 and a new contract for both services was awarded to Optima Health commencing on 1 April 2017.

Hopefully you will have seen the information and posters advertising our new Employee Assistance Programme, with Workplace Wellness in the last bulletin. This is a totally confidential service and you can self-refer using the contact details:

EAP telephone number: 0800 1116 387

EAP website:

Username: SECAmb

EAP – Workplace Wellness email:

Managers were briefed about these changes and notified about the process for making OH referrals as we transition to a new and improved service specification provided by Optima Health. The new referral form was circulated to them at the same time.

What you need to know


Managers or HR Advisors can refer staff for OH assessments by completing the referral form and sending it to:

Needlestick and contamination line

There is a new Needlestick and Contamination line: 08448 260 308. This will be publicised by the Infection Control team.


Our contract with Optima Health includes access to IPRS Health, an organisation that has extensive experience in providing support services to a range of public sector organisations, including ambulance services. IPRS Health are in a prime position to provide the expertise required to make a difference by providing fast track access for staff with musculoskeletal injuries or related absence and improve return to work times.

Please note that self-referral is no longer possible. The new improved pathway enables managers to refer staff directly to IPRS This alleviates delays in referring for an initial assessment with the OH provider and ensures staff are appropriately assessed by a qualified MSK specialist.

Further information on the above is available on the intranet or by emailing:

National Welfare Benefits

National Welfare Benefits - There For You There for you

What we do ¬

We recognise that UNISON members experience many pressures in their lives affecting both home and work.

We offer a unique confidential advice and support service just for members of UNISON and their dependants.

Whether it's just a chat and a sympathetic ear, advice or more concrete help you're seeking we may be able to help you.

At a glance we provide ¬

 - financial assistance

 - debt advice

 - wellbeing breaks

 - support and information

The service is provided by our experienced and professional staff. They can help you complete our application form, give information and advice or suggest another organisation that can help. Your local UNISON branch welfare officer will also be able to assist you.

Fact ¬

Since we became UNISON in 1993, we have given over £10 million in financial assistance.
National Welfare Benefits - Getting Help How do I get help?

1. Phone us up

For advice or information or to find out how we might be able to help just give UNISONdirect a call on 0800 0857 857 and for immediate debt advice call 0800 389 3302.

2. Fill in a form

Apply on one of our forms. Your branch welfare officer will help you fill it in and talk to you about how we can help.

3. We do the rest

Once we've received your form, one of our experienced case-workers will assess your application and will let you know if we can help. You can also expect information on benefits you may be entitled to.
National Welfare Benefits - Financial Assistance Financial Assistance

A grant from us can help you rest easy again

Extended illness. Family bereavement. Relationship breakdown. Life can be hard - and it just gets harder when you suddenly and unexpectedly need to find somewhere else to live, to pay the costs of a funeral, or try to cope with a cut in pay when you're not feeling anywhere near your best.

That's where There for You comes in. We make more than 2,000 grants to UNISON members and their families every year, often helping with household bills, essential 'white goods' like washing machines and with special equipment and home adaptations when members or the people they care for have disabilities or special needs. At other times we help out with housing problems, and provide support where matters have become so difficult that the courts are involved.

"I never thought I would have to call on your services, but ill-health can come at any time"

Fact ¬

Our members have been helped to deal with over £200 million of unmanageable debt.
National Welfare Benefits - Debt Advice & Support Debt Advice & Support

Struggling with debt? We can help get you back on an even keel

Most of us can live with a little debt much of the time. But if you or your partner find yourself out of work, earning a lot less or caring for a family member, making ends meet can suddenly become much harder. Then, if you skip meeting your rent or mortgage for a month or two, or ignore mounting bills, the situation can spiral out of control very quickly.

But you can get back in charge through our very own debt advice service with the help of our partner's at PayPlan, one of the UK's leading debt advice help organisations who can help steer and advise you through a range of possible solutions. PayPlan's advisers are also aware of the types of grants that we can provide and will refer to us if they think we can give additional help.

"I was no longer looking into a big dark hole on my own: I could see the light at the end of the tunnel."

For immediate debt advice call 0800 389 3302 [Mon to Fri 8am-9pm / Sat 9am-3pm]. Mobile calls maybe cheaper on 0207 760 8978 or visit the PayPlan website for more information.
Dave Wallace
Branch Chair /
Senior Rep West
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Peter Steventon
Branch Secretary /
Senior Rep - West
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